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About Vanessa

Vanessa's passion is to inspire people to enjoy moving in a healthy and nourishing way, with gratitude and ease so that they can live a happy and full-filling life.

Vanessa began her movement journey with classical ballet at the age of 3 and continued with the discipline, leaving home at the young age of 15 after being offered a place at the prestigious Australian Ballet School.

To assist with her dancing, Vanessa began studio Pilates at the age of 12 to develop greater strength and stability.

Genetically pigeon-toed and flat footed, Vanessa was given many exercises to strengthen her feet and correct alignment. After wearing orthotics for many years (even in her ballet shoes), thanks to Pilates, Vanessa developed functional flat feet and was able to say goodbye to her orthotics.

Browsing the bookshelves in her young teens, Vanessa came across a yoga book called Light on Yoga by BKS Iyenger and diligently followed the instructions with persistence. From tight hips and very limited rotation and flexibility, Vanessa practiced and stretched every day and gradually her hips started to open up more and more and after a couple of years she could do the splits and lotus pose.

Vanessa experienced her first live yoga class when she was around 15. Since then, she has attended classes in the style of Bikram, Iyenger, Anusara, Power, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin yoga.

Pilates and yoga were like a haven and deeply influenced Vanessa’s life, supporting her through many ups and downs. Yoga helped her get through a difficult period of depression at the age of 16, where she asked herself some really deep questions and contemplated the meaning of life. Pilates played a big role in Vanessa’s rehabilitation from injury, and enabled her to come back to dancing stronger than before.

Vanessa’s first performance with a major company was at the budding young age of 9 in the Australian Ballet Company’s production of Madame Butterfly. Since then she has gone on to be a sought after performer, choreographer and teacher, performing in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia, touring around Australia, as well as judging dance competitions and international beauty pageants. One of Australia’s favourite dancers, Vanessa was voted into the top 3 female dancers on the hit television show So You Think You Can Dance Season 1, 2008. Vanessa has also appeared in several magazines and newspapers, being the cover girl for the Summer Edition of Australian Yoga Life.

Vanessa loves teaching and contributing positively to people’s lives. She has had the privilege to teach people from the age of 2 years old to 96 years old.

Vanessa is passionate about being the best teacher she can be to better serve her community and continuously studies to expand her skills.

She is filled with happiness when she hears her students joy and gratitude for being able to now climb up stairs, play with grand children, have more range, freedom and openness in their bodies, be healthier, stronger and more able with age, fulfill their dreams and be accepted into a major dance company, experience calm, harmony and peace within themselves, have more energy, come off medication and be pain-free and enjoy a more enriched, beautiful and happy life.

Vanessa's intention is to radiate Light, love, gratitude and joy. She is dedicated to supporting health, happiness and well-being and committed to the work she teaches and practices.